The Church of the Dark Sun

Ancient mysticism, sex magick and philosophical discussions are all part of the peaceful practices of The Church of the Dark Sun, an occult community that has been steadily growing in the United States over the past 15 years. Last night, however, at the New York City chapter’s first general meeting in three years, they announced the coming apocalypse.

Two days ago, I was at the grocery store with my family when I received a call from an unknown number. When I answered, a familiar voice recited a seemingly random set of digits, stopped, and started again. It was only on the second time around that I was able to grab a pen and scribbled down the information on the side of a cereal box. Using a cipher I had been taught years ago, I was able to decode the details from the call – a summons to a meeting of The Brothers of the Abyss, along with a time and location.

I have been following The Church of the Dark Sun since first hearing the founding brothers speak in 2008. Shortly thereafter, I was granted access to the church, and have since been recording as much of their activity as possible for a feature length documentary. The Church is one of the most secretive and fascinating occult organizations active today. They are spread across the United States and claim to have over 4000 active members. Their magick rituals far surpass anything I have ever witnessed before.

The New York chapter of the Church meets at a new location for each of its general meetings, and last night I arrived at the address at the appointed time to find other members filling into a large, nondescript brownstone

The 75-odd brothers present all entered a small antechamber, changed into their ceremonial robes and proceeded into a large living room for the ceremony. After lengthy introductions and blessings, High Priest Brother Arvakhac addressed the congregation.

“There has been a shift in the stars, Brothers. I have witnessed the future to come, and it is glorious,” thundered Brother Arvakhac. “The Abyss has come, and we must welcome its embrace. The uninitiated will not understand what is at hand. They will first seek to control it, then, when they cannot, they will seek to save themselves. But only the Pure may be saved.”

Brother Arvakhac spoke at length about a coming apocalypse. The focus of the prophecy centered on an impending opening to the Abyss, a higher plane of existence, that would bring “glory to all those chosen and rain down hellfire on all the impure souls.” The High Priest purported to have seen a vision of an entity, slowly gathering energy from our world, first through metals, then small creatures, and finally through the life force of mankind itself. This terminology did not sway from predictions made by countless other doomsday groups.

However, The Church of the Dark Sun has no history as a doomsday group, nor accounts of violence or fear mongering amongst its members. In my seven years following the group, there have never been any signs that the Church has apocalyptic ideologies, nor did it close itself off from the outside world, like so many cults do. My reason for fascination with the Church has been just that; unlike so many other New Religious Movements, they seem to be only beneficial to their members, have shown no signs of cult like behaviour, and have never requested money from me or any other member I have interviewed. And they are able to perform real magickal ceremonies.

Yet now, for the first time in the group’s unblemished 15 year history, the Church of the Dark Sun has announced a clear end of the world, and became, for the first time, a potential threat to the safety of their members.

3,187 thoughts on “The Church of the Dark Sun

  1. I’m pretty sure you’re a FORMER journalist for creating fiction rather than reporting facts. Can you really call a film a documentary if you twist selective footage of ‘magic’? My cousin lives in New York, and has attended a few screenings of this guy and rest assured, he is nothing but an unscrupulous hack. Put a few cheap party tricks on camera and call it magic, and you get a documentary I suppose. Does anyone know where to see a good David Blaine type performance in NYC? That would be far more entertaining than giving this guy an ounce of my time.

    • Hey, that’s a bit harsh. I’ve been to some screenings myself and I don’t think he’s an unscrupulous hack. Don’t get me wrong – he’s an utter fool and has no idea what he’s talking about but his work is *high quality* nonsense. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would actually believe it, though. If so, maybe we really do have an apocalypse coming.

      • @Nomnomymous Really? You’ve been to these screenings? Do you get phone calls from cryptic callers and decode the messages on cereal boxes as well?

        As a stage magician myself, I find “Real Magick” to be mildly entertaining at best and utterly pathetic at worst. Sex Magick, is one of the most ridiculous of the lot since it all it requires as “proof” is a better than normal sexual encounter, which can easily be achieved in completely non-magical means.

        Mysticism is just as easily faked as it by nature is a “union with the Divine”. As none of the audience (presumably) are deities, they have no way of knowing what such a union would entail and thus, any entry level medium could convincingly perform such a union.

        Even if one could conceive that magic truly exists, the jump from a magic induced g-spot to predicting the end of the world is absolutely ridiculous!

        • A stage magician? Do you have any east coast shows planned? I’d love to check out your show and get weird after! Maybe ol’ Ted could meet up with some of those primo hallucinogens.

        • @AsvarTyros Like I said, it has some entertainment value. Suspension of disbelief and all. Intellectual value? None. No cryptic phone calls or secret cereal box messages for me. I guess I’m not cool enough for them like Mr. Benwall here. Or maybe I’m just not as gullible.

          • @Nomnomymous Good to here, you had me worried for a little while. I agree, with a bit of suspension of disbelief, these things can be quite entertaining, an associate of mine loves to dabble in “dark magic” for some of his performances, but it can be disturbing and outright dangerous when individuals truly take these things to heart and let it affect their lives. I truly fear for the mental health of Mr. Benwall and hope that he will realize that his delusions of grandeur are simply that.

          • @Nomnomymous Good to hear. With suspension of disbelief, I agree that these kinds of things can be fun. An associate of mine uses “dark magic” in his performances and it really is entertaining.

            The problem arises when an individual loses sight of reality and accepts these tricks as truth. I fear for Mr. Benwall’s mental health unless he realizes his delusions of grandeur are exactly that. Delusions.

        • Aww, you haven’t learned the teleportation trick yet? Laaaame. Maybe ol’ Teddy can teach you how, and we can all get down to some dark rituals!

          • I bet it’d make a buck too. Better than being on the pole to get thru college! Ted, who’s your alma mater? Did you use your dark connections to avoid student loans, or did you sell your soul to Fannie Mae like the rest of us plebs?

      • You would think this guy would have posted some of these videos somewhere as proof of his work. Does he expect for people to ever watch his video when he has no track record?

  2. So you guys are basically gothic bangers that used to smoke weed and speak philosophy and politics in parking lots; and you dediced to get to the next level.
    That’s both absurd and distressing, get a life.

  3. Maybe in his ‘occult research’ he got a hold of some trippy drugs. Hey man, I feel like I’ve fallen into an abyss too if I have too many shrooms. LOL!

    • It may seem like the things I say are too crazy to be true, but I assure you that they are very real. My investigation is not some drug trip.

  4. OMG, my cousin says his dealer TOTALLY knows this guy. He apparently loves some hallucinogens. How do you even work a camera tripping like that???

  5. Trying to stay Calm after reading this. Did they say how they received the prophecy, or for that matter how long I have to get saved before the inevitable happens? If they never had a doomsday prophecy then this one must be true right??

  6. Do they have any UK chapters or do I need to head to the USA if I want to be saved? Where can I find out more before it’s too late?

    • Yes! In fact several of the higher ups currently live at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in the National Psychosis Unit. You might try talking to them, or if you seriously want to join, consider checking into the hospital yourself!

  7. How long has it been since some crazy group predicted the end of the world? A day?

    It makes for a good story though…if you’re a journalist looking for publicity.

  8. Please put down the keyboard and go check yourself into a psychiatric hospital. They do wonders for people suffering from delusions and paranoia these days, really! And they don’t even use electro-shock….much.

  9. No evidence this guy is a journalist anywhere. Did you hear this story from the support group at the local mental institute? Someone should check this guy into one if not.

  10. If you people don’t have anything constructive to say then please just leave and let those of us with an interest comment in peace! You are bad mouthing Ted just because you do not believe what he has experienced yet you have no evidence that he is wrong! That makes you as pathetic as you are trying to paint him to be!!
    Go back to your video games and ask your mummies nicely to make you a sandwich for supper!

    • John, I agree that bad mouthing isn’t constructive, but I think that many people on her are really just worried for Mr Benwall.

      You’re correct, there is at this point, no evidence that what he is reporting is false. However, there is equally a little evidence supporting his claims.

      I work as a stage magician and have seen some wonderful tricks in my time, so nothing he has described is truly remarkable to me. An associate of mine utilizes “dark magic” in his act, complete with animal sacrifice (which is, in reality, a fake goat, sound effects and a knife that emits blood when pressed against a surface.

      If these were truly his experiences, then it would lead me to believe that he has been tricked by charlatans, however convincing as they may be.

      What worries me, is that if he continues his delusions, it may have a negative impact on his life, harming relationships and isolating him as he descends deeper into this charade. I have had several close friends fall victim to so-called “real magicians” and doom-sayers, and they were left with nothing more than broken relationships and empty wallets. It saddens me that I wasn’t able to save them, and I simply wish that Mr. Benwall avoids the same fate.

    • No, we are badmouthing Ted because he’s a delusional crackpot who is showing no actual evidence for a supposed 8 year investigation.

      Not quite sure why you insist on enabling him either, but perhaps you can book a double room at the looney-bin.

    • With all of the baseless claims about drug use, I thank you for your support. Nice to know that some will benefit from my investigation.

  11. Ted, wanna meet up next time you’re shooting in NYC? I wouldn’t mind doing some mescaline and watching some weirdos chant with you! :*

  12. Y’all need Jesus, calm down, sniff some blow, maybe jack off a ‘lil bit and all problems will solve from itself. I bet his “Church of the Black Sun” is just a bunch of child molesters who did coke to get straight with their personal insecurities cuz they couldn’t get any children into their basement.

    • Maybe theres a little bit of meth and a little bit of heroin involved, who knows. But Heroin seems pretty plausible because of the ongoing heroin epidemic.

  13. How can people believe this s***!!! Come on man, if you want to make a new film (and probably your first since I didn’t see any filmography on your blog)… you can do better!!! Why publish all this s*** on your “secret” cult, all this blog is a fake

  14. Dear Ted,

    As a student of Cognitive Science, the research into why people succumb to the various promises of the innumerable cults found in todays world is an intriguing one.
    Unfortunately, it is clear that, what was once the subject of your project, has become the object of your infatuation; you’ve become a follower rather than an observer.

    Let me list but a few of the red flags:
    – Seven years. You have, reportedly, been working seven years on this one documentary. You make no mention of what happened to your previous work, nor what happened to your position with the cable company you were doing the previous documentary for.
    You have, for all intents and purposes, abandoned your everyday life in favour of following this new cult, who took you by storm with their speeches during that fateful day back in November 2008.
    You claim you are objective, that you’ve merely been unable to obtain footage of the cult you frequent; even under the most cautious of circumstances, you should at the least have obtained some. Anything. Photos of their buildings, is an obvious first thought. But no; you’ve obtained none what so ever.
    In essence, you are using your then-project as a justification for your active participation in this cult; it is the needle with which you blind yourself.

    – The mention of dooms-day.
    You claim this is the first time the cult has made any apocalyptic prophecies. This is, perhaps, the biggest red flag I can imagine.
    For 8 years you’ve been with them, and you have never questioned what the very name of your infatuation meant; “The Church of the Dark Sun”. It’s very name is an apocalyptic prophecy!

    I am sorry, Ted. Your documentary could have been an interesting addition to my studies. But rather than ask to gain insight into it, I would ask that you seek help – because your hobby has become your obsession, and it is therefor without relevance, and without objectivity, for which reason none of it can – I am sorry to say – be taken seriously.

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew Sorenson.

    • This isn’t a fake investigation, my work is genuine. I wish I could let this go, but I’m in too deep now. There is no going back, I’m finishing this.

  15. That is very curious. I have been a member of this Church between 2005 and 2007. I was in a very bad place at that time, after the death of my daughter and the end of my marriage a few years back. I couldn’t stand myself, and I was borderline suicidal. No shrink could help me, and the medicine never agreed to me, the side effects were too disturbing. That is when I turned to alternative medicine, support groups and one day, a member of the seekers took me to a meeting. They had the words I wanted to hear, the soothing tone, the support I was looking for…and that cost me over 15 000 dollars in the end. My lawyer is still battling with theirs as of today. So when you say that this group is not a scam, that they do try to rob people in distress, I must ask this question : are you lying ? Are you working with them to embezzle money ? Are you just doing very poor work as a “journalist” ? This is beyond anything I can stomach.

  16. You have a fascinating perspective however I believe that there are some flaws in what you are saying.
    You said that your priest or some such claimed there to be a shift in the stars, however there has been no significant or unusual change in the pattern of our stars recently.
    You said that this group was supposedly above board with their operations. Upon a quick investigation I find that they are hardly mentioned anywhere on the internet and do not have any kind of website in which non members can learn more.
    In the grand scheme of things 15 years is not a significant amount of time especially when dealing with religious orders. How can you say that this was not their plan all along. Predict the end of the world, get their members in a panic, and then in a ritualistic manner kill themselves.
    As a journalist I think that you have let yourself become to close to the situation and I hope you make it out before something bad happens to you or you drink the cool-aid.

  17. Ted, could you please give your credentials as a former journalist?
    I find it strange we can’t find any trace of you on the internet and your bio does not provide any references that could be cross-checked. this leads all of you reader believe that you are just pretending and trying to create the buzz in an attempt to attract the most feeble minded of us on the net.

    • I’m not going to connect my investigation to anything personal, I fear that doing so would simply endanger others. I’m not trying to create buzz, I’m trying to reveal to others what is happening in the shadows.

  18. Unshakable believe in magical forces, receiving “instructions” via phone, television or radio or just voices in the head… telltale signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Sorry to break it to you, Ted, but the internet is full of blogs with this kind of nonsense, written by conspiracy theorists wearing tinfoil hats. Please do yourself and the world a favour and go see a doctor.

  19. All of this sounds really interesting, but your story runs a little short on aliens for my taste. C’mon, what should make their “weird” behaving worth focusing, if there are much weirder cults around, as you said yourself. I guess you’re just working for them, getting them more publicity – there have been many charismatic men before who sold their “real deal” better. I hope everyone will be warned after they read your articles. This is probably a cheap attempt to create something like a second Jonestown.
    You don’t have to do this. Sure, being unemployed may hit hard, but I’m confident you could do something better than supporting a dubious, probably suicidal cult.

  20. Finally, a connection to the Church! Ted, can you please contact me? I was able to attend a few meetings with the Brotherhood, and was amazed by what I learned and saw. I’d felt so incredibly lost, and it was like a piece of eternity touched me. I’m trying my best to continue on my path, but I’ve been so afraid that my family will find out that I haven’t been able to attend any of the meetings over the last few months. I need to talk to one of the higher Brothers, preferably Brother Arvakhac? His wisdom is awe-inspiring. I keep having these dreams…dreams of an endless void, and hulking beings that whisper that they need us help them attain greatness. In my dreams, they caress me with their many serpentine limbs, and I feel like my energy is leaving me, but I feel so content because they’re growing stronger. Like I’m fulfilling my ultimate purpose. But then I wake in a cold sweat, and it’s all I can do to not tremble in fear all day. Please help me. I need to understand what all of this means.

  21. Okay, so a secretive religious order is spouting apocalyptic prophecies… That’s new. And are we really meant to believe that this organisation allowed a journalist with an online blog (that talks about them and names them) to film and attend their secret meetings? I’m going to go crazy here and say if you did openly film them, it’s staged; if you didn’t film them then you’re lying. If you did manage to film them secretively, congrats. Enjoy the death threats and the nowhere career upon release of your sub-par cliche’d documentary.

  22. Just another irrelevant former journalist trying to get their 5 minutes of fame! Rather than researching all this imaginary ‘voodoo’ and ‘magic,’ why don’t you do yourself a favour and find your nearest mental institute. You definitely need it.

  23. Ted, Ted, Ted. When will you realize you can’t tell lie upon lie and expect people to believe what you tell them? That’s why we had to let you go, man. Check you facts, provide your sources and don’t make it personal.

    You mention in your articles on here something about how this “Church of the Dark Sun” is able to perform ‘real magic’… Are you on drugs again, Ted? We’ve talked about this. You’re showing signs of paranoia, delusions and abberant sexual behavior (with that mention of ‘sex magic’, which I can only assume means you’ve taken part in some kind of drug-filled orgy at this “church”).

    You also speak of yourself in these articles as being a member, yourself, of this cult. Why would this cult, or any ‘secret’ organization be okay with having a member that has a blog about them, that’s spewing lies about them across the internet for everyone to see? I don’t know why you’re doing this, man, but you have to stop. You have to get help. Go to meetings, go back to rehab. Something.

    Alfred Kopf
    Journalist, former co-worker of Ted Benwall

  24. This article sounds oddly like the plot line to an old X-files episode.

    If you’re going to take the time to create an elaborate fantasy, at least make it original.

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